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Noisebud Release Square 2

Noisebud have released Square 2, an EQ and saturator plugin, available via Patreon starting from $5.00 per month or a perpetual licence for $30.00.

Square2 is an exceptional Equalizer/saturator that doesn’t sound like anything else. With Square2 you will be able to dial in exactly the right amount of saturation and distortion to add life and perceived loudness by just adjusting a simple EQ. You can even place it post your limiter and still be able to add 1-3dB of gain without raising the peaks more than a fraction of what you’d normally expect, often without any changes of the peaks at all.

TLDR; Square2 was born from my experimental plugin Square Alpha, and that in its turn came from the ‘Strain’ function in my plugin WUT. It’s a function that tries to shape the outgoing audio to the same peak values as the incoming audio.

Square 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on Square 2, click here:

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