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Rast Sound Release The Cinescapes PRO Plugin

Rast Sound have released Cinescapes PRO, a smart music assistant, available at the intro price of €99.00, increasing to €149.00 after the promotion.

Cinescapes PRO plugin is Rast Sound’s refined music-making engine, supercharged with advanced composing options, ready to go scales/moods. It’s latest design offers elite tonal and duration possibilities. Experience a harmonious blend of innovation and artistry.

Cinescapes PRO breathes life into your musical sketches, generating intricate layers, evolving textures, and ethereal sonic environments, all tailored by you, for you. It’s supercharged with advanced tools. Select your tonals and sounds, adjust generation rules, easily shuffle and regenerate ideas.

The new version comes with Shimmer, a fifth sound layer in addition to bass, pad, ambience and noise. Shimmer brings random high pitched tonal pings to the scape as ‘brilliant’ final touch.

Music making is all about the flow. The new design brings the detail features you requested with an improved workflow. The engine plays in sync with your workstation while you can drag to midi or play the sounds of the engine with your keyboard. Define the total number of chords to create a chord progression or let the engine generate on the go and evolve endlessly.

Cinescapes PRO is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX). The standalone version is due for release soon.

For more information on Cinescapes PRO, click here:

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