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Audialab Release Humanize (Pre-release Offer)

Audialab have announced Humanize, a plugin that fixes boring, robotic drums, available to pre-order for $27.00.

Humanize doesn’t just modify samples; it introduces brand new samples. so, a hi-hat line goes from sounding like a machine gun, to sounding like a human drummer is hitting a real hi-hat in sliiiiightly different spots and with natural variations.

Simply drag in a drum sound and use one of Humanize’s two modes – Humanize and Superhumanize. 

Humanize gives you natural, authentic-sounding variations to humanize your drums, while “Superhuman” gives you crazy variations when you want to mix things up and surprise yourself.

Audialab will launching a small paid alpha version for Humanize within the next couple of days to help support the development of the release. Your purchase will include:

  • Locked-in pricing (automatically get the release version for free)
  • Access to Audialab’s private alpha discord channel to help shape the development 
  • Early access to new features

To buy the Humanize alpha, click here:

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