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DDMF’s NoLimits2 – Coming Soon To IOS

DDMF have announced the forthcoming availability of NoLimts2 for iOS. There’s currently no information on pricing and availablility, however if the final stage of beta testing goes to plan, it should land within 2 weeks.

NoLimits2 builds on its initial incarnation as, what is currently, a go-to look-ahead limiter placed at the end of a chain.

From ultraclean to tastefully saturated, NoLimits2 will make your mixes louder in style.

Features include:

  • A comprehensive set of 4 different limiting algorithms
  • All of them follow entirely different limiting strategies, giving you a choice of really unique sounds
  • From clean to nicely saturated, it’s all there
  • Further control over attack, release and lookahead times allow for even more finetuning
  • Up to 8x oversampling to keep all harmonics of the more colourful modes in check
  • Stereo channel linking
  • State-of-the-art LUFS loudness metering, compliant to all the latest standards

NoLimits2 will be available to iPhone and iPad users (AUv3).

For more information on DDMF apps, click here:

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