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Ryan Robinson Apps Have Been Price Dropped

Ryan Robinson has reduced the price of his apps for a limited time. OODA and ZOA are now $3.99 each, (usually $7.99 each).


OODA is a fresh take on the classic MIDI step sequencer with interactive and semi-generative enhancements.

What makes OODA unique is that you can connect arbitrary steps together using conditional “wormholes” to add structured (or random) variation to your sequences. Another unique feature is that OODA’s underlying model is decoupled from its voices. This allows you to interact with your sequences and create melodic variations in real time without affecting your groove.

OODA’s open-ended sequence grid can be easily configured for almost any use case. Anything from simple melodies and bass parts to semi-generative chords and arpeggios, OODA can do it all with a little creativity!


ZOA is a creative MIDI sequencer that is both immediate and immense.

ZOA uses a custom, musical implementation of John Conway’s Game of Life to generate melody, harmony, and rhythm. Up to four voices move through an evolving landscape of living cells, playing notes as they go. Each voice can move in a unique way, with its own pace and rhythmic pattern. ZOA includes unique features, such as note values based on the golden ratio for maximum generative fun.

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