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ADSR Offer 58% Off Spatial Sauce By Artisyns Audio

ADSR are offering 58% off Spatial Sauce by Artisyns Audio for a limited time, now only £23.83, (usually £57.20). The offer ends October 1st.

Get unbelievable width and depth from your stereo stems with our binaural rendering engine. Manipulate the mid-side elements and really add some spice to your mastering chain.

Binaural processing enables our brain to perceive sounds based on subtle differences between our ears. This ability allows us to localize sound sources, providing an immersive music experience. It enhances spatial awareness and forms the foundation for 3D audio technology, elevating our auditory encounters in virtual reality and other applications.

Mid-side processing is a powerful audio technique used in music production to control and shape the stereo image of a mix. It involves separating the stereo signal into two components: the “mid” signal, which represents the audio information that is identical in both left and right channels, and the “side” signal, which carries the audio differences between the left and right channels. Mid-side processing is widely used to enhance stereo separation, improve mono compatibility, and create a more immersive and balanced listening experience for the audience.

Spatial Sauce gives your tracks a unique sound that is hard to achieve any other way and makes your mixes deeper, with more space.

By utilizing binaural and mid-side processing, Spatial Sauce gives you control of multiple elements and give them a texture and flavor like no other processor.

Spatial Sauce is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Spatial Sauce, click here:

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